You Gotta Have Heart

a Valentine that asks the question- If you lose your heart, do you still have heart?

you-gotta-have-heart - 54 Minutes.

You Gotta Have Heart was originally broadcast by PRI for valentine's day, 1996. We

hope you enjoy it.

Milt and Jamie Lee


A Clash of Cultures: Understanding the Dakota War of 1862

A-Clash-of-Cutures-June-28th - click to play or right click to download


Produced by Milt and Jamie Lee

Narrated by Murray Lee

From Harpers Magazine in Sept of 1862

38 Dakota were hung in the largest mass execution in the United States










A Clash of Cultures: Understanding the Dakota War of 1862

On August 17th, 1862, a group of 4 Mdewakaton Dakota boys stole some eggs, and a war began. Although in truth, the seeds of the war had been over 200 years before with the coming of the French Fur traders, followed by the British, and finally, the Americans. In A CLASH OF CULTURES, producers Milt and Jamie Lee look at the war through the lens of history, and the larger context of why war in the first place. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the conflict was not the war between white and red, but between the various factions of Dakota. The two men who epitomized this struggle were Little Crow, a Mdewakaton chief, and Gabriel Renville, a Sissteon farmer. Both played a much larger role in the conflict than most people realize, and it is in understanding their values and motivations that we can see what was really happening with the Dakota People and what would ultimately become of the tribe, even to this day.

Little Crow - the reluctant leader of the Mdewakaton BandGabriel Renville - little crow's cousin and opposition


A Clash of Cultures—Understanding the Dakota War of 1862 is a production of AMPERS, diverse radio for Minnesota Communities made possible through a grant for the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.”  A Clash of Culures was produced by Milt and Jamie Lee.  The narrator was Murray Lee.